Linen, an amazing natural and sustainable fabric...

So you ask, what’s the big deal with these natural fabrics? Well, here we want to tell you all about our latest collection of dog beds...

Introducing the Sophie Collection... A carefully curated selection of beds crafted in England using 100% upholstery-grade linen with stunning yet gentle offerings of pastel hues.


We’ve all heard of linen but what makes linen so fabulous that we were so excited to use it for our latest collection?

Appearance and feel

We chose the linen for the Sophie Collection based on its beautiful yet natural shimmer, relaxed look and luxuriously soft to touch, providing ultimate comfort for your dog.



The linen’s stunning appearance and feel does not compromise its longevity. Linen is known to be one of the world’s strongest materials, being up to 30% stronger than cotton making it very durable so you can be sure the material will stand the test of time. In fact, linen actually gets better with age! It also means that linen can be machined washed (on a gentle cycle) which is great especially for those with mucky pups!

All seasons

You may associate linen with summertime however, it’s actually a fantastic fabric for all seasons. In fact, linen is a highly heat-conductive and breathable fabric which means it will keep your dog warm in the cooler months yet cool in the warmer months.

Anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic 

One of linen’s natural properties is its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and to add to this, because of it’s natural fibres and production process, it’s also very kind to skin.


The process of transforming flax into linen is one that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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