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Gift for Hound Gift for Human

Gift for Hound Gift for Human

With the cold weather and Christmas fast approaching it’s time cosy up and keep warm! So, whether you are treating your dog to a fabulous new bed or a super-stylish leather collar and lead set, when you spend £100 or more you will receive a complimentary wool scarf.

Pictured: Cheltenham Collar & Lead Black, Limited Edition Wool Scarf Pink Check

To receive your complimentary wool scarf please let us know which style you would like in the ‘special instructions to seller’ box in the checkout process.

Pictured: Limited Edition Wool Scarf Dove


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Why a wool dog bed?

Why a wool dog bed?

Designing our beautiful dog beds is so much fun and we can't wait to share with you why we chose wool as one of our beautiful fabrics! As you will probably already know by now, Bone & Home luxury dog beds are designed not only to look great in the home but have a practical side too.
<img src="luxurywooldogbed.jpg" alt="luxury wool dog bed stockwell settee Bone & Home">
We put a lot of thought into each material we select to create our bolster settee beds and after a lot of research into wool, how it is made and its benefits, we soon realised it was the perfect fabric for a Bone & Home bed.
<img src="luxurywooldogbed.jpg" alt="luxury wool dog bed stockwell settee Bone & Home">
The wool used to create our luxury Stockwell collection is 100% pure new wool which is soft, durable and great for the environment.
All of the wool which is used in our Stockwell collection is made in one of the last remaining woollen mills in England. They complete the process in house from dying the raw wool to weaving the yarn and finishing the final product. 
So... what are the benefits for your dog?
  • Wool reacts to changes in body temperature, so it helps your dog keep warm when it is cold and cooler when it is warm.
  • Durable and retains its appearance over a long period of time this is due to the spring-like nature of the fibres which stop it from becoming flat, hard and worn.
  • Wool is resistant to static electricity as it can absorb moisture vapours in the atmosphere, so won't cling to your dog's fur and cause discomfort.
  • As wool generates less static electricity, it in turn attracts less dirt and dust from the atmosphere allowing it to stay cleaner for longer.
  • Wool is formed of a series of overlapping scales which make it difficult for dirt to penetrate the surface of the fabric, so it simply sits on top making it easy to remove by vacuuming.
  • Wool is hypoallergenic, it is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew in the atmosphere which are commonly known to cause allergic reactions. It also has anti-micrscopic pores which make it an unfavourable breeding ground for the house dust mite.
We can't emphasise enough the benefits of wool and how fantastic they are, so follow the links below to see our luxury wool dog bed collection!
<img src="luxurywooldogbed.jpg" alt="luxury wool dog bed stockwell settee Bone & Home">
<img src="luxurywooldogbed.jpg" alt="luxury wool dog bed stockwell settee Bone & Home">


To find out more about, how it is produced and the fantastic benefits we recommend these sites:


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