Create Your Own Botanical Spa Gift Set


Essential Oils. Natural. Organic.

Crafted from a precious blend of naturally derived and organic ingredients gently infused with essential oils, the Bone & Home Botanical Pet Spa Collection offers only the finest grooming products for your precious pooch.

Create your own bespoke organic pet spa set – Simply select two items to add to your gift box.

Choose from Shampoos & Conditioners infused with the following essential oils:

Lavender – Relax and unwind with soothing and calming Lavender.

Tangerine – Revitalise your pooch with the lively burst of Tangerine.

Peppermint – Invigorate and energise your pooch with refreshing Peppermint.

Immerse in the luxurious Botanical Pet Spa Collection. Nourishing, moisturising and cleansing to the skin and coat whilst leaving a lasting beautiful burst of essential oil aroma.

Many pet shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that can be toxic and irritating to your pet’s delicate skin and coat. But, not here. The Bone & Home Botanical Pet Spa Collection contains only the finest and most gentle of ingredients.

Each set contains 2 x 250ml bottles of your choice which are presented in a Bone & Home gift box. Other items pictured are not included.

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